• Corporate Video Production for events and celebrations. Scroll down for examples.

  • Recording Sessions

    Recording, archiving, and distributing your Company's event will serve not only as a knowledge base but can be used also for recruiting and marketing. Using multiple cameras and audio devices, RDPLEX can capture, archive, and distribute your corporate event in both HD and 4k.

  • Interviews & Panel Discussions

    Interviews and panel discussions are a great way for companies to exchange ideas and debate topics for improvement. Recording these discussions for distribution and archiving will give you more opportunities both within your company and during public promotion.

  • Live Streaming

    Being able to live stream your event and interact with your audience not only enables the fastest distribution but when organized properly can implement knowledge and execution much more efficiently. Skip micromanaging and deliver your message worldwide on multiple, private and or social platforms.

  • Editing

    Onsite editing is available for expedited distribution. Depending on the circumstances RDPLEX is able to import, edit, and proof video within an hour. Using the latest editing software we are able to export in multiple formats including PAL for international distribution.

  • Distribution

    With proper planning Live Distribution is the preferred method. Not only is it instant but it also archives itself as we are streaming it to an offsite location. We can also distribute DVDs, BluRay, solid state drives, ftp, dropbox, YouTube and more. Please contact us about your distribution needs.

  • Archiving

    You never know. Of course we know. Your data is safe with us and we provide storage options and archiving of your project files. Back up audio and video is recorded on location and immediately imported to local hard drives and FTP'd to offsite locations for redundancy.

  • Corporate Video Production Examples

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