• 4K and HD videography for Opera, Dance Recitals and Live Performances.

    RDPLEX is fully equipped with audio and sound equipment to film, edit, and distribute your next live event. If you are a dance studio, an opera company, a band, or any type of a live performance in the New Jersey, New York areas please contact us with any questions @ 732.841.4462. RDPLEX films each event with up to 3 cameras, 1 audio recorder and additional microphones placed strategically througout your venue. Each venue is different and will diagram our production layout appropriately.

  • Multi camera sets for live performances.

    If you're a cover band and have a gig scheduled invite RDPLEX to to film it. We can shoot it live with multiple cameras capturing HD video and audio. RDPLEX can also help you distribute your video on DVD, Blu-Ray, and or internet. 4k video upgrades are available but please book in advance..

  • Videography for Dance Recitals, Ballet and Tap.

    RDPLEX offers HD and 4K video solutions for Dance Studios and Recitals. We can film, edit, photograph, and help you distribute your content to customers. We have several options for recital videography and currently service New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Connecticut..

  • (Please tell us the sport and dates if possible)

Live Event Services

  • HD or 4K delivery
  • Multi Cam Live Stream
  • Up to 4 Cameras
  • Audio Sync with Sound Board
  • Ambient Audio Capture
  • Pre Production Planning

    Cell: 732-841-4462 text is ok too :)
    E-mail: info@rdplex.com


  • Live Streaming
  • BluRay and or DVD
  • Digital Download
  • Thumb Drives
  • SD Cards or External Drives
  • Custom Social Media Packages

Rates include setup time

  • 2 Cameras up to 6 hours (or 2 shows) $1250
  • 3 Cameras (1 Steadicam) 6 hours (or 2 shows) $1600
  • 4 Cameras (1 Steadicam) 6 hours (or 2 shows) $1900
  • DVDs $5 each no minimum order. Includes cover design and case.
  • BluRays $25 each no minimum order. Includes cover design and case.
  • All DVDs shipped directly to studio.
  • Studios are provided with digital download of the performances and are free to distribute as they wish.

Videogrpahy for Performances

  • Dance Recitals
  • Musicals
  • Comedians
  • Bands
  • Opera & Orchastras
  • Piano Recitals
  • Voice Recitals